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As our competitors repetitively pitched the coffee cup idea for FRIENDS final year, Logo Woman found away to commemorate not only both shows' departure, but also the coffee house and living room of the shows- scene of many of the FRIENDS best discussions and FRASIERS father's favorite recliner.
When NBC had two of its top shows go off the air after 10 years, they wanted to show their appreciation to their employees, production staff, talent and studio heads. Logo Woman looked not only in our market place- but also in all relatable industries. We found a manufacturer that made doll furniture, and was able to replicate the famous iconic seats of both FRIENDS and FRASIER! NBC used the furniture memorabilia as numbered collectibles, and gave them as executive gifts along with books and wearables.




A Taco Like No Other


Each detail should reflect your company, and there are many unique and memorable ways to do so.
Puesto is an award-winning Mexican Artisan Kitchen & Bar, currently with 9 restaurants throughout California. It understands that every detail should be recognizable as their brand--from their trophy tacos to their marvelous margaritas.
They wanted a little something for their customers to be able to take home with them at the end of their meal. Logo Woman's product designer worked with Puesto's design director to create a custom paper clip to attach to their check. Magnifico! The customers love them.







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